Imagine. Create. Explore. Tell the truth. To be an artist is to take risks in the certainty that you were created by a Creator who made you in His image.

Behind the Design: Take Me Deeper Sneak Peek

Next to writing, I think I like taking photos best. So when I was trying to develop the cover to Over Oceans, a collage (of sorts) came to mind. When I showed the initial design to an artist friend, she just looked at it, turning it around and around as if she wasn’t sure which end was up. That was not the reaction I was going for.

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Actually, Balaam’s ass had it right

Balaam’s ass was a hero that deserves more press. (You can read the story of Balaam’s ass here.) She was afraid when she needed to be afraid. And, she did what she could to obey God. Balaam’s ass became particularly precious to me about fifteen years ago. I had been...

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Ten thousand words are worth a picture

Photography is more than an artistic expression. It borders on obsession, for me. On my travels, it has been my way of capturing what I couldn't bring home, and what I couldn't write about. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then ten thousand words would not be...

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Theology in the details

Perhaps you’ve seen it. Michelangelo’s Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome is glorious. And, he is naked. There’s a lot of nakedness on the ceiling of that church. And, not just physical nakedness. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is one of the most...

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