Read new authors. Read classics. Read fiction. Read non-fiction. Read until your eyes water. Reading to learn. Read to understand, to sympathize, to feel. Read to go to places you’ve never gone before. The ability to read is a gift. Never waste it. It’s an opportunity to grow and become a better human and a more expansive creative.

Walking on Water

I didn’t read Walking on Water because it was written by a woman. (Not all women write well.) And I didn’t read it because it was a Christmas gift. (Though, I did pick it out.)

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The Pilgrim’s Progress will make a traveller of you

In today’s lingo, John Bunyan was a radical creative. And his Pilgrim’s Progress should be read and enjoyed as one of the many books in the western canon that pushed society to rethink its views on God, on life and each other.

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Women writers of the Renaissance and feminism, Part 2

Unless you're a student of literature, chances are you've never heard of Elizabeth Cary, Aemilia Lanyer or Mary Wroth. They might be considered proto-feminists by some. Without question, they were Bible scholars on a mission to rewrite the image and the status of...

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Women writers of the Renaissance and feminism, part 1

The number of women writers featured in anthologies of the Renaissance period is a comparatively small one. Men seem to dominate the period with an overpowering voice. We hear the scholastic Sir Thomas More (1478-1535) with his pedantic cries for a return to the more...

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The silence of God and suffering

“If God exists, then why does He allow the innocent to suffer?” is a question that has been asked by many a skeptic. It’s a good question. And, it should not be posed by just skeptics or atheists trying to bolster their position. It should be a question that all...

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